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ACS Launch New Products at SEMA Show 2021

Australian Clutch Services' US based performance brand, XClutch, has recently launched five new performance products at SEMA Show 2021.

The new products include four new complete clutch kits along with a specially designed universal concentric slave cylinder for motorsport applications.

All of these new products are available through the Xtreme Clutch brand and were designed and engineered at Australian Clutch Services.

Toyota Yaris GR Single Plate Upgrade
The Xtreme Clutch 240mm single plate upgrade for Toyota GR Yaris has been designed for high power street vehicles and motorsport applications up to 600 Nm of torque. This kit is available with an organic or ceramic friction disc and includes a lightweight alloy pressure plate, custom flywheel, hydraulic release bearing, bolts & alignment tool.

For more information on this kit, please click HERE

S55 Powered BMW M2, M3 & M4 Twin Plate Organic
The Xtreme Clutch 230mm twin plate organic clutch is designed specifically for high power street driven vehicles up to 1210 Nm of torque. The clutch incorporates a lightweight alloy pressure plate and 4140 chromoly flywheel to minimize rotational inertia and two organic friction discs for excellent driveability. The kit also includes release bearing, bolts & steel alignment tool.

For more information on this kit, please click HERE

Dodge Viper Triple Plate Carbon Clutch
Predominantly designed for the US market, the XClutch/Xtreme Clutch Dodge Viper 5th Gen triple plate carbon clutch has been designed for very high horsepower applications up to 2500 Nm of torque and requiring exceptional heat capacity. The 230mm clutch utilises an alloy cover & 4140 chromoly flywheel to minimize rotational inertia & includes hydraulic release bearing, pilot bearing, steel alignment tool and replacement bolts.

For more information on this kit, please click HERE

Universal Concentric Slave Cylinder
This hydraulic release bearing from Xtreme Clutch has been designed to suit a variety of push type clutch kits. With a height adjustable steel sleeve, billet alloy housing and high-quality seals, this hydraulic release bearing can be utilized in various applications with a ¾” master cylinder and comes complete with a vehicle specific bearing.

For more information on this CSC, please click HERE

Jeep Gladiator Heavy-Duty Upgrade
XClutch have recently added a single disc conversion upgrade clutch with single-mass flywheel for the Jeep Gladiator 3.6L. The kit includes a heavy-duty pressure plate, sprung organic friction disc, release bearing, flywheel, bolts and alignment tool. The kit is ideal for modified street and off-road vehicles up to 460 ft.lbs of torque.

For more information on this kit, please click HERE

For more information on these new products, please contact us

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